English School Guide

Learning English in London


English is the second most widely spoken language of the world since it has 350 million speakers all over. English is also considered as the international language used in a number of professions including those of aviation and business. There are now many people who decide to learn English for them to enhance their careers and there's no better place to do this but in London.



London, the UK capital, is the best place for anyone to improve their English skills and at the same time immersing oneself in the vibrant culture that the place has to offer. Knowing that London is deemed as the best place to learn English, a number of English language schools sprouted in the city. This makes it difficult for a person to choose the right one for him or her. The following are some questions to ask to determine the right kind of London English language school like Nacel English School London to enroll in:



How would I ensure that the standard of teaching is high?


One crucial thing to consider is to ensure that the English language teachers are highly qualified, skilled, and experienced. You may check the school for the qualifications they ask their teachers to possess. You also have to check on accreditations from the British Council, ISI, and EAQUALS. These will ensure that the school's teaching standards are high. It is also possible for you to check the most recent inspection reports.


Where is the school located and where should I stay when I go there?


London has an English language school in almost every part of it. You may find one in the central area where you can find an accommodation right on the spot but you may also find one in the suburb where you won't be given any assistance for lodging. That's why it's important to research about the school and decide whether you like to stay in a central part of London or in the suburban area. If the area is even farther, make sure that you have access to public transport.


How much will the cost be?


It is a significant investment to learn English in London. The costs can add up not only from the accommodation, school fees, travel costs, etc. but you also have to consider the great benefits that studying English in London can give you. Settling for a cheaper course or another language school in some other place can have serious repercussions when it comes to quality of teaching and experience.